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  • Made up two compilation CDs of primarily darkwave tracks with violin parts and/or prominent female vocals, with a few Irish, Nordic, and Indian fiddle tunes thrown in to round things out a bit. Passed one off to the violinist I met at work; hung on to the other one for the time being to preview it over the weekend. Truth be, it was so I'd have something nice to listen to over the course of my drive to Essex county.

  • Did in fact start out listening to said compilation CD on the drive to the cottage, but was unable to make it past track six, which was "Porphyria," one of the songs C. and I recorded last summer. It's really good. I listened to it about five times in a row. It's fun getting excited about your own music, and it's cool that it's in enough of a post-production state that it sounds really nice on a good stereo, but also still in enough of a pre-production state that I can make calls like "I'm going to remix it with this part lower, some soft echo on that bit, and I'm going to re-record this part of the vocal track." That project has already taught me a lot, and it's continuing to do so. Huzzah!

  • On the production tip, before we dive into the intricacies of "Porphyria," we're going to finish off "Iris of Perception;" we're to discuss the latest round of production notes as soon as we can get in touch.

  • I'm also supposed to get together with an old friend and one-time roommate to see about playing some music in a rather different vein. That's finally going to happen tonight, after two earlier cancellations. I'm looking forward to it.

  • Was contacted out of the blue by a woman asking if I might be interested in making some music for her bellydancing troupe. "Yes," I said. All the more reason to buy that early Greek lute I fell a little bit in love with in Tennessee.

  • Was told by the metal group that I might be playing bass with them in their upcoming show here in town. I'm still a little unsure about how to progress with that. I'm not sure whether it's right, yet, to force the issue and tell them to make a decision about me versus their old bassist. I'm enjoying playing with them, but I want the shows, too, not just the practice sessions, and I can feel my interest in the project waning, what with no incentives to hold onto it. After finding out I wasn't going to be playing in last weekend's show in Fredericksburg, I opted to not make the drive up there at all, and to instead go to the beach cottage with friends, which was a lot of fun and which I don't regret for a minute but which apparently surprised them. I like the band, I like the music, I even like their original bassist, but it's hard to be impartial about the matter when, straight up, I want the gig for myself. My intuition has been to be clear with everyone about it (which I have), and then to step back and let them work it out.
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