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Daddy, Is Santa Really 6' 4"?

It's been insanely busy, but I'm taking steps to get a lot of that knocked out over the course of the week. I finished round one of the production for one of the songs on our forthcoming demo and put that in the mail. I'm plugging away on the forty hour gig. Over the rest of the week, I need to knock out the logos for some big statewide group that commissioned me about a month ago, and follow it up with a few hand-drawn drafts of a logo for my Gaelic group.

Thanksgiving was awesome. So was the recent trip to the mountains.

It's a little early for this, but I'm throwing two recs your way for the coming holiday season. More will follow later, probably, but for now, dig on these, and track 'em down if you can.

1) The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy, Is Santa Really Six Feet Four?

Song-Poems, for those who don't know, are the result of a few companies who essentially lured everyday folks into shelling out hundreds of dollars to have their own lyrics set to music (often poorly played and oft-repeated stock song structures) and "published," which meant that they got a recording sent to them in the mail (and, years later, ASPMA selectively uploaded to the web). For those of you who like song poems and like chrimmastime, this is the record for you. Features the title cut as well as gems like "Randy the Lil' Elf" and "Santa Came on a Nuclear Missile," because no compilation of song-poems would be complete without references to nuclear arms, communism, or the Lord. And if you don't know, now you know.

2) A John Waters Christmas

A slew of kooky nontraditional tunes, including the Chipmunks (Waters is supposedly "has the hots" for them) and the frightening Little Cindy singing the Christian guilt classic "Happy Birthday Jesus."
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