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This song has one of the best ambient effects I've heard in a while. The sound of a crackling fire begins the track and carries on for the whole song, always under the music in the background and providing more of an ambient effect than a distraction. It's very well mixed, and that's not always easy to pull off, whether you're adding in natural sounds (like weather ambience for example) or background noise like a crowd or a noisy pub. I can't tell if this is a loop or not; if so, that's well done, too. (If someone tells me this is a synth, that's going to be a little disappointing.)

The music is good, too. It reminds me a lot of Death in June or Apatheia. Or Strength Through Joy. (Wow, Death in June has almost as many flatterers as The Sisters do, huh?) The only rough spot is that the music's fade-out could stand to be a little longer. As it is, its exit is a little choppy and pushes the sound of the fire back into the foreground kind of suddenly. Don't let that stop you, though. Everyone should check this one out, especially any of you D&D types.
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